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Welcome to Youth Employment Success. We are working towards a Darling Downs and South West Queensland region that actively engages and supports all our young people. A community that owns their unemployment issues and works collaboratively to support this important cohort.

Youth Employment Success is an online platform with selected employers from a variety of industries offering free employment-based opportunities to 16-24-year-olds. Whether you’re looking for real experience, an informal chat over coffee, or a job in the industry you're into, Youth Employment Success can help you get that break.

Youth Employment Success is a community-based initiative that offers our future workforce opportunities to upskill and gain confidence in their desired industry.

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Get involved as a YES employer

Why do it? Be recognised for the good work you are already doing. Youth Employment Success is a great way to give back by helping youth and it builds the social-good story for your business. Connect with other organisations to ease the process of employment and stay in touch through networking and events with other Youth Friendly businesses and organisations.

We are always on the lookout for new businesses, employees and communities committed to supporting Australia’s young people. If you would like to get involved reach out to us and the Youth Employment Success team will be in touch.


You need to be 16-24 years old.

If you are older, you may still be able to participate. Just get in touch with us and let us know your situation so we can connect you with suitable businesses.

Look through the list of employers, find one that is in the industry you are interested in and click apply for opportunities. Select from the options that might work for you.

Yes, you will just need a profile set up and the ability to communicate with the employers outside of the platform.

If there is not an employer that you would like to speak to, we can still help! Contact us and let us know what industry you are interested in and we can hunt down and recruit a youth friendly employer for you.

If it has been longer than 5 working days and you still haven't heard from the employer, get in touch with us and we can follow up to make sure they got your message.

If you do not have any work experience and you are trying out for your first job do not get disheartened. You can focus on your soft skills (the things you can do) rather than your experience.

Employers are looking for a positive attitude, a willingness to work and an ability to learn and communicate, skills you have, how you have used them even if it’s on a job. Everyone starts here.

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